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Why PallantiaPhoto

Why Choose PallantiaPhoto?

  • 1000’s videos, worksheets, lighting set-ups, Lightroom presets, raw files and much more.
  • Critiques of student’s work.
  • Monthly assignments.
  • Exclusive members discounts on photography brands and services.
  • Live Q&A sessions with pro photographers.
  • Personalised support.
  • Learn in your own time at your own pace.

1. We don’t just show you great photography – we teach you how to do it!

We’ve been teaching photography since 2005 and all courses are planned, structured, and produced by a fully qualified Advanced Skills Teacher. With over 15 years of photography teaching experience, rest assured you’re in good hands.

2. Realistic Learning Environment

We don’t sell courses that use 5 assistants, big studios and £1000s worth of equipment. We sell solid photography learning, based on years of research, proven to help you retain and put into practice photography knowledge with ease.

3. Accurate and thorough knowledge

The internet is full of opinion masquerading as fact. Hours and hours of content can also mean hours and hours of confusion.

Our lessons get straight to the point with accurate and thorough knowledge saving you precious time and ensuring you get factual information.

4. New content added monthly

We invest heavily in our online training. This includes current and future online courses, photography assignments and regular student critiques.

5. Watch anytime, anywhere

Have the freedom to watch our content anytime, anywhere, on any device.

6. Get hands on with practical tasks

When it comes to learning, doing is always better than listening. In our courses, knowledge gained is then applied in set tasks making it perfect for people who like to get hands on and learn better, whilst putting things into practice.

7. Downloadable course content

Our lessons also come with downloadable worksheets, raw files, presets, brushes and much more to help reinforce the knowledge learnt.

We have 100% confidence in our courses!

We offer a no-risk solution here at PallantiaPhoto – If you don’t learn anything, we will give you your money back! I offer this because I have a degree in photography, a post-graduate degree in education, I’m a fully qualified teacher and have been teaching photography since 2005. All of this experience goes into making these courses. We know that our courses will make you excellent photographers just like they have done for 1000s of others.