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Terms & Policies

All Website & Quote Descriptions

All website and quote descriptions are made in good faith and every care is taken to ensure their accuracy. However, errors may occasionally occur. We cannot accept any liability for any errors or omissions except where these have arisen due to our negligence or that of any our employees (as long as they were acting in the course of their employment at the time). While we provide product images to give a close representation of the product, we reserve the right to use images that may not be of the exact product itself. We reserve the right to make changes to and correct errors in our website and quotes at any time. Images used are for illustration purposes and not that necessarily of the actual venue.

Please note: most daytime activities take place at outdoor activity centres, which by their nature are not usually located in city centres/urban areas. Activities, packages, events advertised and sold by us as taking place in or to any particular city/town may include activities in locations that we consider to be within a reasonable distance from your accommodation and/or that city/town. As a general guide we would consider a reasonable distance to be approximately 30 miles although this may be more for some exclusive activities.

Cancellations and Changes by Us

Occasionally, we have to make changes to and correct errors in our website and/or documentation or other literature we produce both before and after bookings have been confirmed; and your supplier(s) may make a change to or cancel confirmed bookings. Whilst we and your suppliers always endeavour to avoid changes and cancellations, we and they must reserve the right to do so.

Most changes suppliers make are minor for example a change in the timing of your confirmed activity(ies); a change in the venue at which any activity you have booked is to take place (where the activity itself has not changed); a change of accommodation to accommodation of the same or higher standard within the same destination city. In extremely rare circumstances suppliers may make a significant change or cancellation to a confirmed booking. If this happens, we will tell you as soon as the supplier makes us aware of the situation. If there is time to do so before the event date, we will offer you the choice of the following options:

Accept the changed Arrangements

We will suggest alternative Arrangements of a similar standard to that originally booked which you may choose to book instead

Cancel or accept the cancellation in which case we will pass on from the applicable supplier(s)a full refund of all monies you have paid to us relating to the cancelled or amended Arrangement(s).

Please note the above options are not available where any change made is a minor one.

No liability beyond offering the above mentioned choices can be accepted where changes or cancellations are made as a result of unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond ours or any applicable suppliers’ control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even with all due care; or where cancellations are made because the minimum number of persons required to operate the Arrangements you have booked has not been reached.

No liability will be accepted and the above options will not be available if we cancel as a result of your failure to comply with any requirement of these terms and conditions entitling the supplier to cancel (such as paying on time) or if the change made is a minor one.

Very rarely, after your Arrangements have commenced, our supplier(s) may be forced by Force Majeure to change or cancel part or all of your Arrangements. If this does happen then we regret that neither we nor your supplier(s) will be able to provide any refunds pay you any compensation or meet any losses or expenses you incur as a result. We will try to assist you to secure alternative Arrangements but you will have to pay any associated and/or additional costs in doing so or arising out of any alternative Arrangements.

Insurance & Disclaimers

You are advised to take out adequate and appropriate personal insurance for your protection. Such insurance should cover the cost of cancellation by you and/or any member of your party and the cost of assistance, including repatriation to the UK, in the event of illness or accident. You must ensure that the policy you purchase is suitable for your confirmed Arrangements including any hazardous activities. Many policies do not cover such activities so you must check the small print before purchasing and if in doubt, check with the insurers that you will be covered. You must also ensure that your insurance covers participation in any hazardous activities which do not form part of your Arrangements.

Due to the nature of extreme activities and variable international protocol and standards, occasionally the party may be required to acknowledge and agree to local Disclaimers (which may include health disclosures) prior to proceeding with elements of their Arrangements, these Disclaimers serve to highlight the risks associated with the activity in question; on acknowledgement of the Disclaimer members of the booking party will consciously proceed fully aware of the safety, security, comfort and insurance implications of that activity. Members of the booking party will be responsible for appreciating whether or not their personal insurance cover is appropriate. Given an onsite review of any previously unseen Disclaimer (and thereafter relative consideration of the activity, environment, premises, personnel, safety, etc), if any member of the booking party elects not to proceed PallantiaPhoto will reimburse that person to the value of the independent cost expense of that element of the Arrangements, provided the member obtains written confirmation of non-procedure from the Supplier.

Whilst PallantiaPhoto will provide as much advance information as reasonably possible, PallantiaPhoto will defer to the protection of any Disclaimers. Should any assistance be required post Disclaimer, PallantiaPhoto will endeavour to assist in support solutions, the level of support may be limited to the local services and levels of compensation will be relative to the local delivery of the Arrangements.


The party recognises that PallantiaPhoto is an independent contractor and not the servant of the party. Oral advice & draft deliverables – you may only rely on our final written deliverables and not on oral advice or draft deliverables. If you wish to rely on something we have said to you, please let us know so that we can prepare a written deliverable on which you can rely.

If any of these terms or conditions are unenforceable for any reason, but would be enforceable if some of its wording were deleted or amended, it shall apply with such deletions or amendments as are necessary to make it enforceable.

No amendment or variation to the contract or conditions shall be effective unless in writing and signed by or on behalf of both parties. (v). No claims against individuals – should you have cause to, unless otherwise agreed in writing you agree to bring any claim (including one in negligence) in connection with the Program only against PallantiaPhoto and not against any individual within PallantiaPhoto. The Arrangements and any contract between the Client and PallantiaPhoto and any dispute arising from it, whether contractual or non-contrac­tual, will be construed and governed by English law and be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts, you may however, choose the law and jurisdiction of Scotland or Northern Ireland if you were residentially based there at the time of booking and wish to do so. No party is liable to pay any other party (whether for negligence or otherwise) for a representation that is not in the agreement. Rights of third parties – a person or representative who is not party to the agreement has no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 (as may be amended) to enforce any terms of the agreement.

The “term centrally located hotel” “city centre hotel” or variations of these means up to a 20 minute walk from the designated destination city/town centre.

We always try to place groups in twin rooms where available however if these are not available you may be in triple or quad rooms.

Despite our suppliers being aware of the nature and likely intent of group bookings, you are expected to respect your environment and other people around you. All suppliers and hotels have every right to terminate, without notice, your stay or activity under threat of vandalism, violence or any other behaviour deemed inappropriate by them. In such cases all insurances will be invalidated and you will not have any entitlement to a refund of any kind whatsoever. We accept no liability for any accident or misadventure that occurs while any of your group is under the influence of drinks or drugs. Please also be aware that some hotels may require a behaviour ‘bond’ to be placed on hold with a credit card or cash, upon check in. We will do our utmost to give you prior notice where this might happen, but in some extreme cases this may not be possible. Please check with us when paying your final balance.