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Hairstyles for Outdoor Photoshoots: Dealing with Wind and Weather


Outdoor photoshoots offer a captivating and dynamic backdrop for capturing memorable moments. However, the whims of nature, particularly wind and weather, can pose significant challenges to achieving picture-perfect hairstyles. Choosing the right hairstyle becomes paramount in ensuring that your locks remain stylish and manageable amidst the elements.

Hairstyles for Windy Conditions

When it comes to outdoor photoshoots, windy conditions can quickly transform your perfectly styled hair into a tangled mess. However, with the right hairstyles, you can conquer the wind and still look effortlessly stunning. Here are some hairstyles that are perfect for windy conditions:

Updos and Braids:

  • Classic updo hairstyles: Timeless updos like the elegant chignon or a sleek bun are excellent choices for windy conditions. Secure your hair tightly and use bobby pins and hairspray to keep everything in place.
  • Braided hairstyles for added security: Braids not only add a touch of bohemian charm to your look but also provide extra security against gusts of wind. Opt for a fishtail braid, a Dutch braid, or a French braid to keep your hair locked in place.

Half-up, Half-down Styles:

  • Loose waves with a half-up twist: Embrace the wind by incorporating loose waves into your half-up, half-down hairstyle. Secure the top section of your hair with a twist or a braid, leaving the rest of your hair flowing freely.
  • Ponytail with face-framing tendrils: For a chic and practical option, go for a ponytail with face-framing tendrils. Tie your hair into a low or high ponytail and allow a few strands to frame your face, adding softness to your overall look.

Short Hairstyles:

  • Pixie cuts and textured crops: Short haircuts like pixie cuts and textured crops are not only trendy but also ideal for windy conditions. Use styling products like texturizing sprays or pomades to add definition and hold to your hair.
  • Styling with products for wind resistance: When styling short hair, opt for products with wind-resistant properties. Look for lightweight hairsprays or gels that provide a flexible hold to keep your hairstyle intact despite the wind.

weather-resistant hairstyles

Weather-Resistant Hairstyles

Outdoor photoshoots often bring unpredictable weather conditions, and one of the most challenging elements to tackle is humidity. Additionally, rainy days can present their own set of obstacles. However, with weather-resistant hairstyles, you can confidently face these conditions and maintain a fabulous look. Here are some hairstyle ideas to combat humidity and rainy days:

Humidity-Proof Styles:

  • Sleek and straight hairstyles: Opt for sleek and straight hairstyles that can withstand humidity. Use a heat protectant spray and a flat iron to achieve smooth locks. Finish with a humidity-resistant hairspray to keep frizz at bay.
  • Defined curls with anti-frizz products: If you have natural curls, embrace them by defining them with anti-frizz products. Apply a curl-defining cream or mousse to damp hair, scrunch gently, and allow your curls to air dry or use a diffuser. Finish with a lightweight anti-frizz serum to lock in the definition.

Rainy-Day Hairstyles:

  • Top knots and buns: Rainy days call for practical and stylish updos. Opt for a sleek top knot or a messy bun to keep your hair away from the rain. Secure your hair tightly and use bobby pins and a strong-hold hairspray to ensure your updo stays in place.
  • Protective hairstyles with headscarves or hats: On rainy days, you can protect your hair and add a fashionable touch by incorporating headscarves or hats into your hairstyle. Tie a colorful scarf around your head, leaving your hair loose or in a low bun. Alternatively, wear a wide-brimmed hat to shield your hair from the rain.

Tools and Accessories for Hair Management

When it comes to managing your hair during outdoor photoshoots, having the right tools and accessories can make all the difference. These essential items will help you keep your hair under control and maintain your desired style throughout the shoot. Here are some must-have tools and accessories for hair management:

Hairspray and Texturizing Sprays:

Hairspray is a staple for keeping your hairstyle intact in various weather conditions. Opt for a strong-hold hairspray that offers humidity resistance. Apply it after styling to lock your hair in place. Texturizing sprays are also great for adding volume and texture to your hair, creating a more dynamic and visually appealing look.

Hairpins, Bobby Pins, and Hair Elastics:

Hairpins and bobby pins are essential for securing loose strands and creating intricate hairstyles. Opt for pins that match your hair color for a seamless blend. Hair elastics, both regular and snag-free varieties, are ideal for creating ponytails, buns, or securing braids. Keep a few extras on hand in case you need to make quick adjustments.

Headbands and Scarves for Added Protection:

Headbands not only add a stylish touch to your look but also help keep your hair out of your face during the photoshoot. Opt for headbands with grips or silicone lining for a secure fit. Scarves can be tied around your head to protect your hair from wind, rain, or excessive sun exposure while adding a fashionable element to your style.